Don't just accept the price - haggle!

If you think that negotiating a deal with a second hand car dealer is a very scary prospect, think again. We, the car buyer, are just as daunting to them!

There are a few basics we should never forgot when we head to the used car dealers. The first thing to remember is that it is a buyers’ market and you can buy your chosen car model elsewhere if your requirements can’t be met. Be jovial yet serious; be open and don’t give too much away. Quite a balancing act isn’t it?

It is important that you have done your research about the car you wish to buy. Knowing its average value across the UK’s car dealerships is vital. We recommend you take a look at the free valuations page on the What Car? website. This information will let the salesperson know that you serious about getting a fair deal.

Car salespeople will use a number of tactics to keep their profit margins at a high. Don’t be led down the garden path by their friendly approach or misled by any ‘special offers’. This could result in you buying a car that has been stuck on the forecourt for months, waiting for you to turn up and buy it, only for it to depreciate massively as you drive it off the forecourt, making room for the latest model of the car that you have just driven away in! And breeeathe.

Although I would recommend never to pay the full asking price, you need to consider the pros of doing so and perhaps negotiate a deal with the salesperson to include any extras, including the extended warranty. This is a well-worked tactic and can bag you a great deal.

Car dealers don’t expect you to pay the forecourt price – SO HAGGLE! You could walk into a car dealership and there it is, the car of your dreams and right on budget! Before you get your wallet out, STOP! Be bold and ask for the extras – floor mats, full tank of fuel, six month’s tax and not forgetting the obligatory air freshener… what have you got to lose?