Cars that can save you money

You may have read our article ‘Are we paying too much at the pump?’ showing the differing prices of fuel around the world. If you haven’t, we think it’s a must-read. It shows that we pay an astronomical amount compared to other countries and is a major contributor to us, the UK population, wanting the most economical car for our money.

All of the big car manufacturers are spending a percentage of their bottom line on research and development for greener cars, emissions, fuel economy and an overall greener future. Leading the way perhaps is Toyota, and I have to say perhaps because when I researched this article there was some conflicting information. Toyota has a number of models that are considered to be of a green standard. The Prius has a reported 72.4mpg but with the plugin it shoots up to 135mpg with emissions of 49g/km. Their Yaris Hybrid, a mixture of electric and 1.5 litre engine, boasts 80.7mpg and 79g/km. Both of these cars will allow you to drive around London without paying the congestion charge due to the fact that it is not applicable to vehicles that produce under 120g/km tail pipe emissions.

One of my favourite car manufacturers at the moment is SEAT. The Ibiza 1.2 TSI model is capable of 55.4mpg and has emissions small enough not to qualify for the congestion charge. You may want to check out our article comparing the cost of fuel. For instance, if you were to drive the SEAT Ibiza 1.2 TSI up to 200 miles, say from Cheshire to London, the fuel would cost £44 for the round trip – not bad I here you say! One thing worth noting is that if we bought the same amount for fuel in Venezuela, it would cost a mere 32 pence!

Nissan manufacturer a number of cars that are selling well. The Nissan ‘Leaf’ is 100% electric which means zero emissions. These cars aren’t without their hitches due to the fact that you can only travel 100 miles per charge – what happens if your journey is over 100 miles? And another thing, where will you charge the electric car if you don’t have a driveway or garage? I would recommend that you buy an electric car if you can charge it at home. The government will assist with the cost of installing a charging point and you can use this car to ‘nip about town’. Travelling around London would mean that you would be exempt from paying the congestion charge and also not eligible for road tax either! If you’re after an economical 4X4, Nissan have the Qashqai to offer.

The list is endless when it comes to economical cars: Volkswagen, BMW, Audi, Ford and Vauxhall all have cars that have fuel economy of over 75mpg, which is fantastic when the Lamborghini struggles to get above 20mpg! Choose a manufacturer that you have confidence in and take look at their range.

There’s a lot to think about.