Reducing fuel costs

Money; there never seems to be enough to go around and the cost of motoring seems to rise all the time! We are all constantly told that we should be able to save money on our car insurance, but in real terms it has risen consistently over the last few years. However, we can make real savings in the amount that we spend on fuel. It’s fairly easy to do and by following our tips, you should be able to knock pounds off your fuel bills.

Driving Style

The most important change that you can make is in your driving style. Britain’s Energy Saving Trust estimates that the average motorist could save over £300 a year simply by driving more efficiently. It suggests a number of ways to do this.

Switch off – Your car burns fuel when it is idle, so turn off your engine while waiting or queuing where it is safe to do so. In the past, cars used a big burst of fuel to start, but that is no longer true, so you won’t waste any fuel by using this technique.

Drive smoothly – Try to look further ahead when driving and judge the road in advance. This way you can avoid unnecessary braking or acceleration, which uses extra fuel.

Get into gear quicker – Jamming your foot on the accelerator won’t make you go faster because revving at lower gears just uses more fuel. Higher gears are more fuel efficient so try to get up there as soon as possible.

Slow down – Excessive speed burns fuel – around 25% more for every 10mph above the UK top road legal speed of 70mph.