Seasonal driving

Summer’s arrived and it’s likely that you will want to take long drives in your car. Here are a few maintenance tips courtesy of Just Car Finance to keep your car happy during rest and play this summer.

More driving equals more fuel consumption and this leads to filling up more often. This may seem harmless however, make sure to fill up at a reputable petrol station. These stations will have a filter policy that will make sure that your tank does not fall prey to dirty fuel.

Once you arrive at your destination be sure to park in the shade and preferably not under a tree, not unless you like bird droppings that is! Direct sunlight damages your car interior in the same way it damages our skin. We would suggest a shaded space, unless you’re ready to apply sunscreen to your leather seats. Another advantage of parking in the shade is that you will avoid feeling like a well done baked potato after fives minutes in your car.

Sunscreen won’t be able to protect your car exterior, although waxing your car could help to preserve your paintwork from the beloved bird droppings, pollution and oxidisation. We suggest using paste wax, as fast fix alternatives are just that, fast fix and short lasting. For ultimate protection during the summer months, invest in a cover to avoid damaging UV rays.

If you’re taking a long journey with the family to your favourite picnic spot, always remember to pack some water and a medical kit. In this instance we don’t mean for you, for your tyres and engine. A rise in temperature can cause your tyres to lose pressure, leading to increased wear and inevitably resulting in a puncture. So be sure to check your tyre pressure and check your tread whilst you’re at it. You will need to check your coolant level, unless you would prefer to share the water on your long walk home.

There are, of course, more standard checks that you should undertake before you head off on your journey. Engine oil lubricates keep your engine cool, so it’s a good idea to check it before you set off, but whatever you do, do not over fill it. Windscreen wipers can become damaged and cracked with the sun; mix this with a dusty windscreen and you could have big problems. To improve visibility check and replace the windscreen wipers if necessary and make sure that the windscreen is clean at all times.

Oh, one last thing… make sure you don’t forget your sunglasses. At least you’ll look cool walking home when your tyres have burst, the windscreen is covered in bird mess and your car won’t start due to dirty fuel.