Servicing is not optional!

Buying car insurance (try if you're a lady driver!) isn't the only expense for motorists. Your car service may appear to be a series of maintenance procedures carried out at regular intervals to empty your bank account of that hard-earned cash. However, to your beloved motor this is a well-earned treat from travelling all of those miles with you. Don’t compare it to a painful colonic irrigation of your wallet, but a cleansing procedure for your car’s engine.

The service schedule

The vehicle manufacturer will recommend a service schedule and if you’re fortunate enough to have a modern car, the service light on the dashboard will indicate when it’s due. Whilst it is not illegal to skip the car service, it is advisable to do so for the health of the car. Plus, those pretty little stamps your service history receives at the end of its 5* stay may help your car hold some value when you eventually resell it. The term ‘swings and roundabouts’ springs to mind, well roundabouts at least, I’ve personally never seen a car on a swing.

Keep your warranty valid

However, should you buy a brand new car, we would suggest that you check the terms and conditions of the manufacturer’s warranty. The crafty blighters often require you to have a service every so many miles for validation purposes. So joking aside, we personally suggest that you keep your car, new or used, in a road worthy condition and unfortunately for your pocket, a service is a part of the deal. Speaking for myself, I shop around for my service needs as the prices can vary dramatic from garage to garage. Another useful tip regarding the validity of the warranty; if you go to a local garage that uses manufacturer parts, your warranty will remain intact… shhh, they’re usually cheaper.


Whilst we are on the subject of money, it is possible to do most of the labour a service offers for yourself. After all, although cars have become more technologically advanced, the fundamentals of nurturing the internal combustion engine have simply not changed. Although, DIY car maintenance will encourage motorists to become increasingly separated from there better half. So, if you are strapped for cash, why not grab yourself a socket set and a car manual and ignite a hot relationship with a young model with nice lines and sexy curves or even a mature, hot-looking, fast and robust brute … depending on your persuasion that is.